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We will never share your information with anyone but the lender.

We created Sunridge Auto Capital to simplify auto financing for Canadians.

In the beginning, shoppers found a vehicle and then applied. It was easy.
Later, additional lenders came along to provide financing when the buyer had credit issues.
Now, instead of only a few lenders, buyers had access to several - improving their chances of getting the financing they needed.

Then came the credit website companies.

These companies were neither a lender nor a dealer.
Instead, these sites got people to apply and SOLD this information to dealers.
Sometimes selling their information multiple times, creating stressful situations for buyers with multiple dealers calling them without their consent.

We decided to make it easy again.

We have thousands of cars between our various dealerships and Western Canada's second largest finance team working with every possible lender.
This means we can get you the approval you need and the vehicle you want.
Plus we can deliver your vehicle anywhere in Western Canada. Sorry Ontario and Eastern Canada. =)

One of our finance team will contact you, ensure that they have all the necessary information and secure your approval.
From there, they will work with you to find the vehicle that best fits what you want and the approval.
Once you choose your vehicle, they will have it professionally detailed and hand-delivered to you.
Easy. The way it should be.


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